Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rendez-Vous at the Street Cart?

As a pescetarian, my experiences with New York street carts have been limited to late night, post bar excursions to satisfy the drunken hunger of visitors who consider street meat a tourist attraction.

But lately, street carts seem to be the new hot spots. From the standard hot dogs and pretzels to potato knishes and falafel balls, the aroma of the street cart is increasingly alluring as New Yorkers become more strapped for cash and upscale restaurants and chefs are looking to expand their clientele.

According to the New York Post's "Street Carts of Desire", restauranteurs (yep, Danny Meyer has a Tabla cart) are finding ways to get in on the trend and cater to the masses. That means puffed rice and chutney for a mere $6.

As temperatures warm and New Yorkers venture back outdoors, expect bustling street carts all over the city. And who can resist a sunny day accompanied by a delectable dosa?

By the way, the photo is of one of the freshest and most delicious fish tacos I've ever had, straight from the cart on South Beach in Miami. For some reason, eating from the street cart on vacation seems like an experience but doing it in New York lacks the same appeal.

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