Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Happy Hours are undoubtedly a New York staple. While I've never really warmed to them the way many of my friends have, I do understand the allure of throwing back a few $5 fruity margaritas after a long, grinding day at work.

The problem with cheap drinks is that they are often offered in conjunction with less desirable venues (in my opinion). Something about feeling like I'm back on college spring break in Cancun just doesn't do it for me on a Tuesday night. And I'll never be sold on the "All You Can Drink" specials advertised to the soundtrack of Jon Bon Jovi at the neighborhood pub. So what's a girl to do to find a decent Happy Hour cocktail in this city?

If you're looking for a spot with an ambiance that doesn't scream Upper East Side post-collegiate scene, here are two places worth a try, and both offer great drink deals.

Verlaine on the Lower East Side, while dark and sometimes crowded, is a sleek solution to the tired Happy Hour scene. With Asian tapas accompanied by $5 lychee martinis, sangrias, red and white wines, Bloody Marys, and $3 Yuengling, it's got something for everyone. Plus, it's named after a French poet so you know the downtown hipsters dig it.

I'm also a fan of Trailer Park Lounge in Chelsea. It may be a little kitchy, but something about the 1950s diner meets trailer trash decor makes for a vibrant scene. If you go to the Trailer Park website, it even says, "From the moment you pass through the front screen door, it's easy to imagine you're on the outskirts of Memphis, Vegas, or even sunny Southern Florida." While the drink specials only last until 7:00 p.m., who can pass up $3 Pabst (in keeping with the theme) and $5 margaritas accompanied by a little comfort food?

Send Fabulously Frugal your favorite Happy Hour spots around the city.

Happy Thursday!

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