Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sounds of Music

Something about warm weather and the smell of summer makes me want to pull a Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." Then I remember it's NYC. We don't have those simple pleasures to run around singing about -- mountains; miles of open, empty land; crisp, clean air to breathe in deeply.

We do have music, though. And lounging in the grass under the hot sun, listening to good live music is a summer must, no matter where you are. Some of my fondest memories involve picnic blankets, grass stains, bare feet, and friends.

Yes, I was the high school girl who loyally attended the Dave Matthews Band concert every summer, posse in tow. Nothing says summer quite like a bunch of boozed up, stoned teens falling on top of you in their Bohemian prints and Birkenstocks – it makes for great sideshow entertainment.

New York, with all its parks and music festivals, is the perfect backdrop for summer concerts – and many of them are 100% free.

From Bela Fleck to They Might Be Giants to African beats, check out these links to find information about free summer concerts in your neck of the woods:

-NYC’s 10 Best Free Shows
-Central Park Summer Stage
-Celebrate Brooklyn

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