Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Afternoon at The Frick

The best part about having friends in from out of town is getting to explore all of the places on your "must-see" list that you just haven't gotten around to actually seeing.

This week, FF has been all over New York playing tourist with friends in from the UK. And let me say, New York is a totally different city during the weekday when everyone else is at work and the tourists and freelancers rule the streets.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of finally going to The Frick Collection and it's instantly become a favorite. The former residence of steel magnate Henry Clay Frick was built in 1913 and noted for its large art gallery. Frick was quite the art collector and works from Renoir to the romantic, almost cherubic scenes of Boucher can be found within.

Today it houses much of the original art and furniture and is an exquisite look back at a time when meticulous consideration was given to interior design and wealthy homes resembled museums more than residences.

On Sundays between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM, pay what you wish to visit. Admission always includes an audio guide, which is a must for the full experience.

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  1. The Frick is probably my favorite museum in NYC - it's a manageable size and packed with gorgeous art!