Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frugal Moving

Early September -- leases are up and new apartments are calling. It's moving season in New York.

Walking down the street last weekend, I witnessed at least a half-dozen New Yorkers struggling with mattresses and maneuvering U-Haul trucks.

Moving in New York can be a nightmare and employing your friends to help isn't always possible -- particularly with so many buildings insisting on weekday-only moves.

Moishe's Moving Systems shared some of their tips for frugal moving:
  • Sell your furniture – Find out if your furniture is worth moving. If you have an IKEA bookcase that costs $20 – don't spend $40 to move it. Sell it and buy it new again in the new place.

  • Pack your own boxes – Instead of having the moving company pack your boxes, pack yourself using used boxes (or suitcases and other storage containers you already have in your apartment). Hiring packing services can double the cost of a normal move.

  • Move some stuff yourself – If you're able to, move some boxes and items yourself in order to cut down on the amount of time your move will take. The more you can move on your own, the less your move will cost.

  • Disassemble your bed – Bed disassembly and reassembly is part of most moves – but the time they take can cost you in the long run. If possible – make sure to disassemble your bed on your own in order to cut back on the time of your move.

  • Ask for a “Not-to-exceed” quote – After you've given the relocation consultant your full inventory and all of the details – ask for a “not-to-exceed quote.” The consultant will then provide you with a quote for how much the move is estimated to cost – and a higher number – which the move will definitely not exceed. This is great if you are looking for a cap on your move.

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