Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hail Mary

New Yorkers know the inevitable frustration that comes along with hailing a taxi cab. 

It's 2:30 AM on a Saturday morning, you're tired and ready to be in your warm and cozy bed... and every cab is miraculously taken. 

There's a slight drizzle, suddenly every New Yorker is running for cover, afraid of melting a la the Wicked Witch.  Out of nowhere, a fellow commuter darts in front of you, stealing that cab you've been trying to hail for the past 15 minutes right from under your extended hand. 

To top it off, when you do land a cab that extra 50-cent surcharge to help bail out the always broke MTA makes getting home more expensive than ever.

In short, nothing about getting a cab in NYC is ever easy. is a service that aims to change that, cut the cost for cab riders, make "cabbing it" more convenient, and reduce fuel emissions through carpooling. 

Currently only available in New York, allows users to share rides with other New Yorkers headed their direction. All you have to do is go to the site, search for cab riders headed your way or create your own ride, meet up and find your cab at the pre-determined spot (all locations are public places), split the cab, save money and the environment. will even estimate the cost of cab fare, and will only search for other riders where there is potential for saving money. Pretty cool idea, especially for those weekends when the subways aren't cooperating.

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