Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reservations Required

Do you plan your days around every meal? Do you dream of three-course dinners as soon as the clock strikes 4:00 and that late-afternoon slump sets in?

No, this is not a commercial for diet pills or antidepressant medication. This is my life. It revolves around food, but not to worry, no eating issues here just an endless pit of a stomach.

The thing about food in NYC is that it's omnipresent but you've got to know the right spots. The other problem is that while any given block is sure to be lined with at least a half-dozen restaurant options, we put a high price on eating well in this city so 4 out 6 of the choices are usually out of a normal person's food budget.

The solution: Restaurant Week.

The semiannual restaurant bonanza is almost upon us, which means lots of good food without having to splurge. If you've been keeping a list of places to check out for a "special occasion", now is the time. Lunch and dinners include appetizers and desserts for $24 and $35 respectively.

Reservations are open now for Jan. 25-Feb. 7.

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