Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treating Mom

Mother's Day can be stressful, especially if Mom is expected to pop into NYC for her special holiday.

How can you impress her with your city savvy while sticking to your post-college budget?

Here's a list of some of FF's favorite frugal Mother's Day activities that's sure to win Mom's heart and have Dad  slipping you a $20 before they're both back to the suburbs.
  • Botanical Gardens: New York boasts two botanical gardens blossoming with gorgeous flora. Take Mom on a guided tour to celebrate the May blooms at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or check out Emily Dickinson Gardens at The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.
  • Central Park Picnic: Grab a sandwich or pack your own brunch and take it to Manhattan's most famous park for a little outdoor time with the fam.
  • Broadway: Rush matinee tickets to a Broadway show. Show up 30 minutes prior to get discounted tickets to some of the Great White Way's most popular shows.
  • Brunch Deals:Brioche French toast and Bloody Marys for Mom? The New York Daily News recently published a list of local spots that are offering Mother's Day brunch specials. 

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