Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LivingSocial Travel Deals

If you've got the travel bug, FF's got just the cure.

LivingSocial, the online resource that offers experiences for a serious discount, just launched its new travel service called LivingSocial Escapes. 

Just as LivingSocial lets people discover new activities and experiences in their hometown or places they visit, LivingSocial Escapes will now help anyone find one-of-a-kind day trips, packaged nearcations, quick escapes that don’t require air-travel, or weekend excursions they might not typically pursue.

These special travel bundles will be offered all over the country and will vary from ski resort packages to outdoor day trips like hiking or wine tasting. For example, experience a two-night culinary getaway (cooking class included) in Vermont at The Essex Culinary Resort and Spa (valued at $718) for $359.

LivingSocial Escapes packages are available for one week – not just for 24 hours – and are accessible to anyone who clicks on them. If users refer three friends who also participate in the deal, users to get their experience for free!

For a full list of markets where LivingSocial is live or to sign up your location, go to http://www.livingsocial.com.

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  1. I love LivingSocial.com too! So happy to see you giving it the props it deserves.