Friday, October 21, 2011

Dogs on Parade

There's nothing quite like dogs all dolled up. I'm not talking about rhinestone collars and four-legged designer sweaters. I mean all-out All Hallow's Eve attire. 

Some of my favorite dog costumes can be found on parade every year at the Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade. Proud dog owners will once again infiltrate the park tomorrow (Oct. 22) from noon to 3pm to give their canines a shot at the coveted Halloween costume crown. 
It's challenging enough to come up with a human Halloween costume, but these pooches work it in their creative get-ups. Last year brought out Cleopatra, a lobster in a pot and a rabbi, to name a few.

Get there early for the best view. 


  1. Very nice preparation for the parade.It must have been very hard for you to make dress up dogs like this.I will surely participate in the upcoming parade and hope to win admiration and praise from the public.

  2. This is a great post and i love to attend this type of shows and i also have a dog and i love it.

  3. Nice show this time i missed it but making a plan to attend it next time.