Friday, April 24, 2009

5 Ways to Enjoy the NYC Sunshine This Weekend

In lieu of spotlighting a FF reader today, I think some tips on how to take advantage of the unusually warm April temperatures are in order.

Below are five ways to spend time outdoors and enjoy the summer preview Al Roker tells us is in store:

1.) Head to the Pier – The Hudson River is no Atlantic Ocean, but on a hot day its breeze offers a cool solution to the stagnant heat rising from the streets of Manhattan. Take your friends, a picnic lunch and some tunes to Pier 45/Hudson River Park (go to Christopher Street and walk west until you hit the water) or any of the other piers along the Hudson to soak up some rays. Just don’t take a dip – you may end up growing an extra toe.

2.) Rent a Bike – For those who prefer to get some exercise while taking in the scenery, rent a bike and cruise around Central Park. Rentals start around $10 an hour and go up to $40 for the day. Check out Bike Central Park, Inc. for more details -- and don’t forget your water bottle.

3.) Drink Rooftop – There’s nothing quite like an icy margarita on a warm almost-summer’s night. Check out some great views of Manhattan via rooftop bars around the city. The Delancey is one option, but many bars offer rooftop libations. If you’re looking to save on alcohol, make some homemade cocktails before the bar.

4.) Row, Row, Row Your Boat – No matter the borough, there are opportunities for boating. While most paddleboat and rowboat locations don’t open until May, Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse is ready for takers. Rowboats are first-come, first-serve and cost $12 for the first hour.

5.) Milkshakes in Madison Square Park – The line may be long at Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, but it’s worth the wait to get your hands on a frothy, cool treat. Plus, you can suck it down in the shade of the park. The Shack also offers burgers and fast food. There is a separate line for shake-only orders.

What are you doing this weekend? Send FF your weekend ideas and email your nominations for next Friday’s featured reader:

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  1. Great tips!

    May I also suggest the Beer Gardens in Astoria if you want to crack open a brewskie, watch some European football and play cards on some old-fashioned picnic tables. It's a block or two up from the Astoria Blvd. stop on the N/W train.