Friday, May 1, 2009

Broadway Baby

Today is a cold reminder that our excitement about the changing weather last weekend was a bit premature. Those sweaty hours in crowded Central Park, risking skin cancer for a little base tan were all for naught. The sun-kissed glow has already faded and it’s back to that pasty white hue that plagues North Easterners eight months out of the year.

Weekend forecast: gloomy skies and April showers.

The good news is that this weekend will offer a great opportunity to check out some indoor activities, like theater. Broadway shows often scare off young audiences with their exorbitant ticket prices, but if you know the right tricks of the trade you can score some pretty fantastic deals.

Below, Fabulously Frugal reader and Broadway aficionado Chris offers up his tips for catching spectacular shows at discounted prices:

-Roundabout Theatre Company has a program aimed at young professionals called HIP TIX. Membership is free and anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 can sign up to purchase $20 seats to any or all of Roundabout's shows. Members also receive invitations to post-show parties and events. Current Roundabout shows include Waiting for Godot and The Philanthropist.

-Lunch Tix sends members discounts during their lunch break for performances THAT night. It’s a last-minute deal, but worth it.

-The TDF TKTS Booth in Times Square is open to anyone and offers show tickets for up to 50% off. The catch: the line is long (but moves quickly), and tickets are only good for shows day of. aggregates all the Broadway show discount codes that are out there so you don't have to scour the web.

-For off-Broadway, check out the 20 at 20 program. It occurs annually (usually in January) and people can purchase $20 tickets, 20 minutes prior to the show, for most of off-Broadway shows.

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