Monday, May 4, 2009

For the Mother's Day Slackers

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays where the gift ideas tend to formulate last minute. Fortunately, it’s also a holiday where the thought counts more than the actual gift you give Mom. There’s a lot you can do that’s creative, thoughtful and won’t cause financial heart palpitations.

Here are a few frugal ideas that can be achieved last-minute:

-For those who opt for the requisite Mother’s Day bouquet, try ProFlowers. Like 1-800-Flowers, ProFlowers offers flowers, plants and gifts. Many of their Mother’s Day arrangements are on sale this week. Tulips that were $30 are now $20; pink roses are down to $25. If your mom has a favorite local florist, you could go that route as well. It supports the local economy and is more eco-friendly (less travel for the flowers = less carbon emissions).

-Take your mom out for girls' day out mani/pedis. For most of our moms who live in suburbia, this shouldn’t run you more than $60 for both of you.

-Mix CDs are always a favorite with my own mom who is still an avid listener of CDs in her car (the iPod is way too advanced for her technological know-how). Make your mom a CD of songs she loves. She can either upload it to her iPod, if she’s tech-savvy, or play it in her car.

-Breakfast in Bed. If you plan to be with your mom on Mother’s Day, surprise her with her favorite breakfast in bed. Add in a carnation or rose for a little extra flair.

-Homemade coupon books. If you’re short on cash but don’t want to show up to Mother’s Day brunch empty-handed, get creative. Every mom has a wish list of errands and chores they’d love to accomplish, so why not create a coupon book full of “I Owe You’s”? The best part: it’s practically free to create.

-Family Photos. Whip out your digital camera for a Mother’s Day family photo shoot. Afterwards, blow the photo up to an 8x10 and frame it. If you have a particularly nostalgic mom, make a family photo album with pictures from over the years. Or, if you have a great shot of you and your siblings that Mom would love, frame it.

-The Mother’s Day Card. Perhaps the most important part of Mother’s Day protocol. If nothing else, do not forget the card. And just because it’s Mother’s Day doesn’t mean you have to buy a sappy Hallmark card. The best cards are handmade. Use magazines and newspapers and cut out images and words that remind you of Mom to make a collage card.

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