Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Mama

I'm that girl. I send a card for everything -- birthdays, thank you's, Valentine's Day, you name it. Friends are always making fun of me because I actually have a stationery box full of assorted cards, stickers, pretty paper, you get the point. It's all very Jane Austen, but something about expressing your feelings in letters and cards seems so much more dramatic and exciting.

That being said, when I do pull a 21st century and send cards electronically, it's almost exclusively a Someecard. But for Mother's Day, Someecards are not necessarily the appropriate choice for every mom.

In keeping with our Mother's Day theme of finding frugal ways to show Mom your love, I wanted to share a cool site I came across called TokBox. It's a free video chat and video email service.

For those of you who can't be with your mothers this Sunday, you can send a video "greeting" via email to your mom. It's an eco-friendly solution to a paper card that adds a personal touch -- what could be more special than your face popping up in your mom's email? Plus, you can say whatever you want -- not just what Hallmark tells you to say in cheesy verse.

See how easy it is to use TokBox here. Makes for a fun way to send messages and communicate with your friends as well.

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  1. Many thanks for looking at Tokbox video mail for Mother's Day. I personally agree that it is way more eco-friendly:)