Monday, May 11, 2009

Recession Special -- Drinking Your Way Through NYC for Free!

As you reflect on this weekend’s debauchery and valiantly fight Monday morning fatigue, what better way get the new week started than to begin planning your next bar escapades?

The thing about a volatile economy is that it makes everyone want to drink to forget that we're in the red, but it’s a Catch 22. How can you afford to drink when you’ve lost your job and no longer have an income? It’s really a mean thing, this recession.

Not that I’m one to recommend binge drinking to get through tough times – alcohol is never the answer, people – but I do think a cold cocktail is well deserved every now and then.

On a tight budget, but have a high tolerance? FF readers Laura and Daniel suggest checking out listings on, a site that tracks free booze and bar deals offered all over New York City. The site’s daily calendar listings spotlight the best open bar deals around the city so you can systematically plan your happy hours.

Some highlights:

-Get those government checks handy. Tonight The Delancey will liquor you up with free tequila shots with proof of unemployment.

-Silk Road Palace knows just how to attract that post-collegiate crowd – a little nostalgia. Every night, SRP offers up free unlimited Franzia with the purchase of a meal.

My Open Bar has listings for New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Honolulu residents.

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