Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father’s Day Freak Out

Getting nervous that it’s June 18th, and Father’s Day is a mere three days away?

No sweat.

My dad has never been a sports and beer kind of guy. He’s more of a books and music man, so a package of golf balls would never suffice. He always says he doesn't want gifts, but how can you get one for Mom on Mother's Day then totally ignore Dad on his one big day. That being said, he's always won over by creativity and thought.

Here are some ideas that are sure to make you dad smile, no matter what he's into:

Make a Donation. Find out Dad’s favorite charity or cause and offer up whatever donation is feasible for you to make in his honor.

Lifetime Warrantee. FF reader Ashleigh recommends buying Dad a gift from L.L. Bean, which offers a “lifetime” warrantee. Let’s face it, parents -- particularly in the Northeast -- love this brand. While your gift won’t arrive by Sunday, it won’t matter because it will last forever! Ashleigh said her dad wore out a pair of shoes that 15 years after purchase couldn't be repaired, so he decided to send them back. Ashleigh and her mom I were convinced L.L. Bean was going to say "thanks, but no thanks" but instead they sent him a letter saying that they received the shoes, but they didn't make the model of shoes anymore... so they gave him an $80 credit to buy new shoes! Now that’s customer service!

Make a CD. Does your dad still turn up the volume when The Rolling Stones hit the airwaves? Or, maybe he’s more like mine and enjoys some contemporary tunes like the smooth styling of Usher (yes, we did buy him an Usher CD one year for Father’s Day). Whatever his taste, you can’t go wrong with a homemade mix for his car or iPod.

Day Out with Dad. Mothers and daughters are always scheduling bonding time, but Dads sometimes get the shaft. They’re not who you want to talk to when you’re going through puberty in junior high and they're too embarrassing when you’re in high school. But now that you’ve completely matured (ha!), they aren’t so bad. Plan a day out with Dad. It won’t be manis and pedis, but it could be movies and ice cream. It will bring him back to the time when you were “Daddy’s Little Girl/Boy. Dads reminisce too!

Whatever the case, don’t forget your dads this Sunday. They are half the reason you’re in this world!

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