Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Haunting a house near you

When I was a kid, Halloween was easily one of my favorite holidays. It meant three key things to a child: staying up late with your friends (potentially on a school night), access to lots of candy you were never allowed to indulge in the rest of the year, and dressing up.

As a New Yorker, parts of Halloween have lost their lustre. For example, no one comes knocking on my apartment door looking for a mini Milky Way. And while it's entertaining to see everyone dressed up in the streets, my neighborhood gets absolutely packed from the parade spillover, which just creates major frustration. Besides, isn't every day in New York Halloween?

One aspect of the holiday that I've never outgrown; however, is attending a haunted house. And New York has one of the best.

Vampires are totally in fashion right now with the success of "Twilight" and "True Blood", which is probably why the 6th annual Haunted House NYC is themed Nightmare: Vampires, and it's sure to horrify. 

Imagine literally walking through your biggest nightmare, and that's what this will be. With its new location at the NOHO Event Center at Broadway and Houston, this haunted house is like watching a Broadway play unfold before you. The original horror story is set in the Museum of Vampyric Artifacts (MoVa) and acted out by local actors.

Nightmare: Vampires, created by Off-Broadway director Timothy Haskell, opens this Friday and runs through November 7th. Buying tickets online is cheaper and guarantees you a spot.

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  1. Hey Melody - don't forget about the brand new (and scarier) HAUNTED HOUSE that's opening this year on the West Side Highway between 22/23.

    No one under 18 admitted and everyone has to sign a waiver before entering and walk through alone! Tickets are only $12 or $14 and the whole experience lasts about 15 minutes per person.

    More info at: