Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Floors of Tacos and Margaritas

Los Feliz, the newest restaurant and soon-to-be hotspot on the Lower East Side, is three cavernous floors of authentic Mexican food and delicious drinks.

Although it's only been open two weeks, it's already earning a reputation for good food and friendly service. It's just enough off the beaten path of LES hipsterville to deter the loud and rowdy spillover of other hangouts. 

The first floor is a bar and dining area. One floor down is another bar and dining room. Dark with cool light fixtures, it has a very Phantom of the Opera meets Mexican taco den feel. The biggest surprise, though, is the basement level which houses a lounge-like area meant solely for canoodling. The drinks-only area is replete with seating lining the walls. While there isn't a dance floor, the DJ plays a great mix and you can always create your own.

Tacos are under $8 and the atmosphere is rustic.  So far there isn't a long wait. FF recommends trying the hibiscus margarita.  

Los Feliz
109 Ludlow Street
between Rivington and Delancey

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