Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take a Break from the Swine Flu

It's like dominoes. One by one friends, co-workers, husbands and wives of friends' co-workers are dropping. Swine flu is the new Bubonic plague, without the rats, the pus and the whole everyone dying part. 

You never know when it's going to strike. The countdown is on. I'm sure the porcine's got it out for me since I made light of it via this year's Halloween costume.

In between running all over the city for a clinic with available H1N1 vaccines and disinfecting the air around you, step out of your little germ-free bubble and take a trip to the MoMA (solo, if you prefer to stay away from friends who may be carriers).

Put on your surgical mask; pack your Purell; keep a safe distance from coughers, sneezers and sickly-looking New Yorkers; and check out the new Tim Burton exhibit

The major career retrospective consists of a gallery exhibition and a film series and showcases his work as a fiction writer, photographer and illustrator. Timed tickets are available at no extra cost.


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