Monday, December 21, 2009

Taste Test

Winter is definitely here! New Yorkers, rarely buried in such snow drifts, experienced just how generous Mother Nature can be with that powdery white stuff.

This weekend's snowstorm was the perfect excuse for hot chocolate, not that you ever really need an excuse. Thanks to all who submitted their picks for best places to grab a mug around the city, FF has put together a list to keep handy as you shiver your way through the next week.

Readers' Top Picks:
  • Cafeteria -- Not necessarily the first place you'd think to go for a hot chocolate, but their Nutella hot chocolate is a meal in and of itself. A healthy mug-full will run you a mere $3 -- a major bang for your buck. 

  • City Bakery -- Lots of people are requesting the addition of City Bakery to this list. It seems to be the New Yorker favorite! And according to their website, their "hot chocolate has been the best known and must drunk hot chocolate in New York since 1990" -- quite the claim!  Cost: $3-$3.75
    • Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven -- From the famed chocolatier, it's the best $3.50 you can spend if you're a chocoholic. Flavors include white mint, orange and caramel.
    • Max Brenner, Chocolate By the Bald Man -- The Bald Man offers a variety of flavors like white chocolate infused with rose fragrances and served in the hand-warming hug mug. Cost: $5.25.

    • La Maison du Chocolat -- If you've ever sampled their sweets, you know the price tag is worth it. Besides, nothing beats European chocolate. Cost: ~$8

    • Serendipity 3 -- Because hot chocolate was so winter 2008. Serendipity breaks the mold for making chocolate so hot it's cold. Its celebrated frozen hot chocolates are veritable desserts. Cost: $8.95

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      1. Always open to more suggestions as winter lasts forever in NYC!