Friday, February 5, 2010

Drink to Savings

In the words of a friend, “A day without orange juice is like a day in prison.” 

It may be an extreme take on breakfast’s #1 sidekick but there’s no denying that drinking orange juice just makes you feel healthier, even if the super freak health addicts claim it’s just a glass of pure sugar. 

Tropicana, which has become synonymous with orange juice, just launched Tropicana Juicy Rewards as a way for families to save on activities, experiences and products. 

Here’s how it works:

• When you buy your next carton of Tropicana, find the unique code on the package – either under the cap or on the back of specially marked Tropicana Pure Premium and Trop50 products.

• Register at, and enter the codes to get points.

• Redeem points for 20,000 ways to save. Samples of savings include discounts on Norwegian Cruise Line, Adidas fitness gear, as well as local rewards like theatre tickets in Chicago, aquarium admission in San Francisco, etc. Participants can also donate points to “Rescue the Rainforest,” an effort that helps save endangered rainforests.

Just one carton of OJ is worth up to $15 in savings and a carton of Trop50 is worth up to $30 in savings. 

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