Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latte Love

Today is the ultimate Winter Wonderland for people up and down the East Coast. 

As DC-ers continue to stay shut in (come on, DC, you really can't figure out how to survive in a snowstorm?) and New Yorkers use the slippery white streets as an excuse to "work" from home, FF is still up and running. And trust me, we're not cuddled up in the warmth of our flannel sheets. We made the trek into the office!

As you cuddle up and watch the last week's worth of TV on DVR, consider turning down the heat (save energy) and warming up with hot chocolate or coffee...or a, as FF just found out, a 99-cent latte. 

Dunkin' Donuts is now is now offering 99-cent lattes all day, every day in the NY Tri-State area. The 99-cent Lattes are available in all flavor varieties, including the new White Chocolate Latte, and can be purchased either hot or iced. 

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