Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Day Revelry

Just when you thought that global warming was done playing tricks on you, hurricane season kicks it in high gear and destroys any hopes of one last August weekend at the beach.

But we're New Yorkers, we can take and give it right back. Remember June? We're still here, though perhaps still a bit water-logged and definitely pastier for it.

So, what to do this weekend besides catch up on HBO shows?

As Hurricane Danny rips through the area, this is a great opportunity to do all those "New York" things you never do:

-Peruse the Chelsea art galleries. There are dozens, if not hundreds, and they are all free.

-Hit up the Barney's Warehouse sale. Okay, this might not be the most frugal recommendation, but it's the most frugal way to shop Barney's. Plus, rumor has it they are slashing prices every day.

-Get cultured. There's no better time to hit up New York's finest museums than on a dreary day. The Met currently has an Afghanistan exhibit that seems worth a look.

-Check out the new Anna Wintour flick, The September Issue, about the making Vogue, now playing at select theaters.

And, for a good and snarky rainy day rant, click here.

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