Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Streets

Get ready to take it to the streets this Saturday (and Saturday, August 22).

It's that time of summer when the good people at the NYC DOT temporarily close Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park to motor vehicles and open it up to people.

Imagine that? Pedestrians in N
YC getting the right of way! This isn't Kansas anymore!

Grab your bike, roller blades, skateboards, baby strollers, dogs, and friends and experience what it feels like to live in the 'burbs, i.e., roam the streets freely without fear of being flattened by a cab or bike.

Check out the Summer Streets activities schedule, from dance classes to live music performances.

Only the early bird gets the worm, though. Summer Streets starts at 7:00 AM and the streets open back up to traffic after 1:00 PM.

Thanks to FF reader Lauren for the head's up!

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