Friday, April 16, 2010

Just in Time for Summer Vacation... just launched Travel Smart, a new blog that offers consumer and business travelers tips, advice and insight for effectively planning their next trip.

The blog is written by travel expert Nicole Hockin, who shared some of her best frugal travel tips with FF:

That's Bring Your Own Breakfast.  Save yourself $10-$30 per person by bringing along breakfast, lunch and snack items to your hotel.  Look for hotels that may have in-room mini-refrigerators, too or bring along a cooler to keep that lunch meat and OJ cool.  Packing your own food is a great way to save $.  Choose to have one "dining out" meal each day. Also, many restaurants have daily promotions such as Kids Eat Free on Tuesday, etc.  Ask your hotel concierge about local deals and discounts.

Travel Off-season
You can save on your total trip if you travel off-season or during the shoulder season. This varies according to your destination. In the Caribbean, summer is considered "off-season" whereas the winter is "off-season" for the Pacific Northwest and Europe. A shoulder season is the time just before or after the heavy tourist season. October is a great time to go to Rome or London, or try Cancun in April.

When to Book

Hotels in resort areas popular to leisure travelers are often cheapest during the week.  So travel Sunday-Thursday for cheaper prices. Flights? Big cost discrepancies often exist for the same flights on different days or the same routes at different times of the day.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are more likely to have off-peak travel fares. And sign up for the emails from your favorite travel companies, you're sure to get the jump on deals and discounts.  

Take a Staycation
You don't have to go far to get away.  Take a few days off and see your city or one nearby like the tourists do.  Visit area attractions and museums, taste the culinary libations of the restaurants, and partake in the nightlife.  You can even check the area hotels for local discounts and check-in for a real escape!


What's better than a cheap room? How about a free room? Sign up for WelcomeRewards program. It’s simple and easy and free to join. When you book any 10 nights with, you earn a free night stay at more than 62,000 hotels worldwide. It’s the best loyalty program out there with no blackout dates or restrictions and it’s so easy to use, especially if you travel often.  The best way to be a frugal traveler is to find ways to reward yourself along the way.

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