Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Livin' La Vida Local

Which bar has good happy hour specials? Are any of my favorite stores having a sale this weekend?

FF gets asked these questions all the time, and when we do, we're forced to admit that we don't know everything -- a very difficult disclosure.

What we do know is that everyone seems to be clamoring for local deals, but they aren't always easy to pin down.

That's where Postabon, a new site and iPhone app for deal seekers, comes in. 

Postabon points users to relevant discounts and specials in their own backyards. It's free to use and the site's recommendation engine helps find the deals that are of interest to users. Once users join the Postabon community, they can begin deal hunting and posting. Users earn "karma points" for posting and voting on deals. Karma points are redeemable for special Postabon giveaways and prizes. 

Postabon just may be FF's new resource for deals!

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