Monday, August 23, 2010

Marine Dream

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day -- specifically one where I can listen to your pitter-patter from the comfort of my dry and comfy bed.

New York City in the rain can be calming as locals flee for shelter leaving the streets quiet and puddle-soaked. It can also be messy and near disastrous for those who slosh across town to work (i.e., me) in oversized rain boots, kicking up muddy splashes of water in their wake.

In homage to the rain, today's post is about an indoor activity that can be enjoyed regardless of the overcast, dripping skies. 

Last week's jaunt in San Diego, which included a wedding reception at the Birch Aquarium, got me thinking more about marine life.

The New York Aquarium, located on the fair shores of Coney Island, may be one of the city's most under-the-radar experiences.  Boston flaunts its aquarium as a main attraction but somehow ours gets lost in the museum/zoo shuffle. 

The aquarium is home to sea lions, penguins, octopuses, sea otters, and blubbery walruses, among other manner of sea life. Visitors can interact with starfish, horseshoe crabs and other bottom dwellers in the touch pool, catch a 4-D screening of Planet Earth: Shallow Seas or witness a shark feeding.  If you're fascinated by jellyfish, sea nettles and other creatures that result in painful encounters, the aquarium's current exhibit on Alien Stingers may be for you.

Admission is $13 ($17 includes a ticket to the 4-D screening) for adults; $9 ($13 all inclusive) for children.

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